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By | January 17, 2015


To your convenience, here are all EPF Withdrawal Forms those you can download from this EPF India website. Here are the direct links to Provident Fund Forms Download together with the most demanded PF Forms 10C & 19. All these EPF Withdrawal Forms are only used after leaving job with current employer.

Below is the list of Provident Fund Forms and their use as per you desired:

Download PF Form 13: Now you can download new revised EPF Form 13 to transfer your Provident Fund Account from previous employer to your current employer covered under the EPF & MP Act 1952 scheme.

Download EPF Form 14: Form 14 is used to apply for financing a life insurance policy from your Provident Fund Accumulations.

Download PF Withdrawal Form 19: This EPF Withdrawal Forms 19 is used to withdraw all your Provident Fund Accumulations after leaving your job or on retirement, might be termination and or superannuation. In no case ever, your PF can be stopped for withdrawal.

Form 10-C Download – Provident Fund Form 10-C is submitted mostly along with F-19/20 for settlement of withdrawal benefit either under old Family Pension Fund (FPF) or new Employees’ Pension Scheme EPS 95 or also for issuance of Scheme certificate for retention of membership (only in case you are less than 58 years old).

PF Form 10-D Download – Pension Form 10-D (as the name suggests) is used for getting pension either by the first claimant i.e. self-member or his/her widow/widower or orphan or by the nominee; as the case may be. In case the nominee is filing for pension, a valid Form-2 (Nomination Form) is required.

Download Provident Fund Form 20 – In the case of death of member, Form 20 is submitted by the nominee / family members to claim the member’s Provident Fund accumulations. A valid Death Certificate, Form-2, Birth Certificates of children are mandatory along with Form-20.

Download EPF Withdrawal Forms 31 – F-31 is known as Advance Form and is used for taking Loans, advances or withdrawals from your Provident Fund Account for various reasons like marriage, house building and or any medical problem etc.

Download Life Certificate Form or Non Re-Marriage Certificate Form – This simple certificate is a declaration which is mandatory to be submitted by every pensioner in the month of November each year to the bank or to the concerned RPFC Office for an assurance that you are alive and or you have not remarriage.


Download PF Form 5(I.F.) – This form is submitted by the nominee of the deceased member to be eligible to apply for the EPF dues of the deceased member who died while in service.

Advance Stamped Receipt Form (ASR) is usually used for claiming returned cheques issued from EPF India from your PF A/c for various reasons.

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134 thoughts on “EPF Withdrawal Forms

  1. komirishetty hari prasad yadaiah

    dear sir/madam,
    when i am checking my pf balance it,s showing invaild details
    my pf no is : GJ/NRD/0000271/000/54546
    name: komirishetty hari prasad yadaiah
    mobile no : 9885853838.
    please help for details.

      1. hari prasad

        dear madam
        my pf no:GJ/NRD/0000271/000/54546
        how can i know name in pf records.
        please help out.

  2. kishore

    Withdrawal claim status for : MH/91565/0029763

    Kindly do the needful its very helpful for me

    Kishore jadhav

  3. Naresh Babu NC

    Good eveving Mam my name is Naresh Babu NC from Bangalore .. MY PF A/C # MH/BAN/125333/8943.. On 12/08/2015 I have applied for PF claim from the company which I worked before,,still i did not receive any status of my pf claim.. Please tel me how & when will i start receiving the PF claim status alerts to my mobile…# 9980258147

    1. Sonia Sharma

      Please reply to our original conversation. You are not allowed to open multiple threads. Check this!

  4. Tinku Kumar Singh

    hi I want my pf balance details now I need withdrawl ,MY NAME IS Tinku kumar singh , EPF no-JH/RAN/32268/26 , Mobile-9798369089

  5. Swaha Keni

    Hi I withdrew my epf last year and I need a statement of the same for income tax return filing. I did not receive any statement at the time of receipt of the epf amount. Ca you please tell me the procedure for the same.

    1. Sonia Sharma

      You can’t get any statement after withdrawal. Than also you can contact PF Office..

  6. Naresh Babu NC

    Hi mam I am Naresh Babu N C from bangalore…coud you please let me know the complete details of how to check PF balance…I have tried in this web site with my pf account number MH/BAN/125333/8943 and my mobile number is 9980258147…and wat is UAN Registration, if i register, will this affect my pf balance???please help in this regard…

    1. Sonia Sharma

      UAN is 1 PF Account Number for your life time. Whenever you change your job, your PF No remains the same.

      STATUS for Member ID: MH/BAN/0125333/000/0008943

      Your EPF balance has been sent through SMS on your specified mobile number. You shall receive the SMS shortly.

  7. Mahammad Ilias -9666804908


    My Name is Mahammad Ilias, Could u please tell me .. latest amendments in PF,PT and ESI acts for nomination and other.


    1. Anu Dey Post author

      What do you want to know? Do you have mobile number to mention? And what is member’s name? In spite of written in query box, still some people forgot to mention mobile number and member’s name.

  8. vijaykumar

    i am vijay kumar from banglore i am working in genpact banglore before 6months and now als working but i want check pf balance plz information me KN/WF522296817 name. vijaykumar

  9. Rangappa.b

    i am rangappa.b iam applied pf form withdrowel purpose before one month but not showing amount my bank acount pls wats the problem informe me. name rangappa.b mobile, number,8105325375 PF acount number-GB/HBL/0063142/000/0000030

    1. Anu Dey Post author

      STATUS for Member ID: GBHBL00631420000000030

      Check TDS Deduction on PF Withdrawal..

      Claim ID : GBHBL150600006777
      Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (GBHBL00631420000000030) has been approved. Payment is under process.

      Claim ID : GBHBL150600006778
      Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (GBHBL00631420000000030) has been approved. Payment is under process.

  10. pankaj kumar

    PF NO.= DS/NHP/0935556/000/0000663
    I applied for pf settlement in nov 2014. but still there is pending. i worked in iffco, they told me that they submitted my document to pf department. now guide me where i contact?/ plz inform my pf status.

    pankaj kumar

      1. pankaj kumar

        I submitted in the office where i last worked. i.e in IFFCO. I dn’t have acknowledgement slip. Actualy I didnt send directly to pf office. may I send directly to pf office ?

        1. Anu Dey Post author

          Claim forms are yet not submitted to PF Office. Yes, you submit directly after getting them attested. Thanks.

  11. syed ibrahim

    Dear Admin,

    Can you please check my status of the claim which i was submitted 3 months back.
    PF Settlement Claim ID: TNMAS150500033821 & Account No: TNMAS 00311400000018600 & mobile no: +91 8870784959.

    Your support is highly appreciated.


    1. Sonia Sharma

      STATUS for Member ID: TNMAS00311400000018600

      Reason of rejection: The reason of rejection is not available in database. You may please contact RO/SRO CHENNAI for further details

      Claim ID : TNMAS150500033821
      Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (TNMAS00311400000018600) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim form.

      Claim ID : TNMAS150500033824
      Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (TNMAS00311400000018600) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.

  12. Kumar Prabhakar

    Dear sir/madam,
    we are 33 employee from a privet school at lakhisarai district of bihar. we were working there seance several years. few months ago the institution managing board has been changed. The new management has take action of termination of all of old employee and he was terminate all of us similarly without prior information and proper reason. Now the new management is not interested to sign and forward our PF withdrawal form. We are not able to take judiciary help.
    so please its our humble request to guide us.
    this is for your kind attention and consideration

    Establishment ID & Name – BRBHA0005977000 BALIKA VIDYAPITH
    Member ID BRBHA00059770000000185

    1. Sonia Sharma

      You can forward the claim forms to PF Office by getting them attested by your bankers with a forwarding letter describing your problem.


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